How to check a payday loan company?

Jak sprawdzić firmę pożyczkową?

In recent years, many payday loan companies have been created in Poland that offer quick payday payday loans and installment payday loans. Now we can also take them completely online, but we also find their offices operating stationary. However, before we choose such an offer for ourselves, let’s remember to check the payday loan company well. What should raise our special concerns?

Finding a good payday loan can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. It is worth knowing what to look at besides the costs. When we manage to find an attractive payday loan , but we do not check the lender itself, we can get into trouble. It is worth knowing what to look at so as not to put yourself in danger – additional costs, entering debtors’ databases, unjust debt collection and other unpleasant consequences.

Most people who want to opt for quick payday loans choose popular companies that advertise on television or on the internet. Indeed, then the risk is smaller, but we should not give up the screening of the payday loan company anyway. Then we will be able to find out what we will not learn from the advertisement.

We screen the payday loan company

If we want the company from which we borrow money to be a trustworthy partner, first of all, let’s check it out. It is worth taking a look at the website, and more precisely on the list of public warnings, which publishes information about companies that raise objections according to the PFSA. It is also worth checking information on the website of the payday loan Companies Association – good lending companies belong to this relationship.

Let’s pay attention to the website of the payday loan company itself. Does it contain contact details? Is her address located in Poland? Does the company run a hotline for its clients? Many payday loan companies also publish regulations and payday loan agreement templates, so we can also get acquainted with them more closely to check if there are any disadvantages for us.

The opinions posted on numerous online portals and forums are also an invaluable help. We find them very easily, but let us remember that it happens that the published opinions are not written by real clients of a given payday loan company. Many of them use PR agency services that prepare positive feedback for their clients and negative for their competitors. Therefore, let us approach them with reserve. However, when we do not find any information about a company, or are enigmatic or negative, let us give up its services.

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